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     Excellent lawn care! They cut and edge beautifully. I've booked them for the year. Highly recommend!
Leanne Baker 11/06/2024
     Their efficiency in both response and service delivery was impressive.
Russel D.31/05/2024
     Highly recommend this stellar cleaning service for their consistent excellence and outstanding work carried out by an amazing cleaner.
Jason Hunt17/05/2024
     Without a doubt, Wallington Carpet Cleaning Company is the best choice for all your cleaning needs.
Mary Burrows21/03/2024
     Yesterday's encounter with Carpet Cleaner Wallington was truly exceptional. The individual who showed up was amazing and did an outstanding job on our carpets, which were in serious need of some TLC after spending so much time at home.
Sarah M.11/03/2024
     The cleanliness and orderliness achieved by the cleaners is greatly appreciated.
Sasha X01/03/2024
     Exceptionally reliable! Their services on two occasions were stellar, arriving promptly as expected without any delays or issues.
S. Emerson19/02/2024
     My brother in law recommended their cleaning service when I moved back to the town and bought my new flat. They have been doing a terrific job, it always looks spotless after their visits. I would recommend.
Lou K.21/05/2020
     The most reasonable pricing by a cleaning is by this company. Considering the amount of work, they do, their prices are very fairly, I like it.